Nils Pettersen is the owner of Stuenes Lodge and Stuenes Farm. Stuenes has been in Nils’s family for 5 generations and it used to be a sheep farm.

Nils is an avid outdoors enthusiast and a fly-fisherman with an exceptional knowledge of the local area, bush-craft, and general outdoors man-ship.

Nils had a vision of sharing his passion for fishing and the outdoors with outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world and that is how Stuenes Lodge became a reality in 2003.

Today Stuenes Lodge is a home away from home. A place for relaxation in beautiful serene and private surroundings, where you can experience nature, wildlife, and many outdoor activities during every season and world-class salmon fishing.

Stuenes AS practices Leave No Trace, which is a set of outdoor ethics principles promoting conservation in the outdoors by trying to minimize the recreational impact on nature, wildlife, and ecosystems.

Nils Pettersen

Nils-Roger Pettersen is the owner of the Stuenes family farm in Lakselva. Chairman of the board of Lakselv Landowner Association since year 2000 and the Chairman of the board of Norwegian Salmon Rivers Association for six years, from 2010-2016. Education from the Armed Forces and an electric power education from Tromsø School of Education. Runs and owns the telecommunications company Tundranett AS. An avid outdoors man, spending most of his free time with his wife Marit Holm and their dogs in the outdoors.

Marit Holm

Adventure Guide
Marit Holm is our local guide who runs her own business Guiding Porsanger. A veterinarian by trade and an accomplished expedition adventurer. She has lived in Greenland for 5 years with her polar dog sled team and crossed Alaska by foot during a 10-month expedition. She has led the first female expedition Across Spitsbergen, and done several wilderness expeditions in Greenland, Svalbard and Arctic Norway. She currently lives in Stabbursnes with her dogs and husband Nils.