We are located in Klemetstad by the river, approx 8 km south of Lakselv village. A 10 minute drive from Lakselv Airport, Finnmark, Norway at 69°59’11.9″N 24°56’36.2″E

Flight Travel to Lakselv and Stuenes Lodge

Lakselv is a 40 min. flight from Tromsø and Tromsø is about a 4.5-hour direct flight from London. SAS flies directly from London Heathrow Airport to Tromsø. You can book flights with SAS with Lakselv as your final destination. The connecting flight in Tromsø to Lakselv is run by Widero Airlines.

During summertime, Norwegian Airlines provide inexpensive direct flights to Tromsø from London Gatwick Airport. Then you need to book a connecting flight with Widero Airlines to Lakselv.

From around Europe, you can fly to Oslo and then reconnect with SAS or Norwegian to Lakselv or with a connecting flight from Tromsø to Lakselv with Widerø Airlines. From June to August Norwegian fly directly from Oslo to Lakselv.

Summer is a busy season and flights sell out, alternatively, you can fly directly to Alta with Norwegian and SAS from Oslo. Alta is a 2.5-hour drive from Lakselv. In Alta you can rent a car and drive to Lakselv or request a private lodge transfer. From Lakselv Airport you can reach the lodge either via car rental, taxi or a private lodge transfer.

Another option might be flying to Ivalo in Finland. You can rent a car in Ivalo and drive to Stuenes Lodge, which is a 3 hour drive. Due to possible flight delays, it is highly advisable to book your entire flight with one airline to avoid lost baggage situations.

If you need assistance with booking flights, flight itineraries and car rental, please contact Porsanger Travel Agency.