Sled Dog Kennel Visit

Meet the wonderful sled dog team and home to these 11 special greenland dogs. With our sled dog kennel visit, you’ll be able to get up close and personal, with plenty of opportunity for lots of cuddles too. 

 You’ll gain first-hand insight and learn all about sled dogs and the important role they play in the arctic. 

These dogs love having visitors so you’ll be sure to put a smile on their face, as well as your own! 


  • English speaking guide 
  • Meet & greet with kennel dogs
  • Drop off / pick up from kennel 

Optional Extra

  • Enjoy a tasty warm meal at our lavvo afterwards (NOK 300pp)

Things to note

  • We recommend wearing woollen thermals / underwear, a woollen jumper and a windproof jacket. We also advise warm socks and boots, as well as a hat and gloves/mittens. 
  • Whilst the dogs are very friendly, we do not allow children under 12 to come into the kennel.
  • This tour includes a 1hr round trip drive to / from the kennels.