Salmon Fishing High Season - Week 33 & 34, 2020

Join us for an exiting sport fishing adventure in Lakselva. Here you have an opportunity to catch a big wild Atlantic salmon. Lakselva is know for its large grown 15 kg. plus trophy salmon. This is a very popular river and one of the best rivers to catch a trophy salmon in Norway. Here at Stuenes Lodge we offer exclusive private salmon fishing at some of the most exiting private beats in Lakselva. Lakselva is not a numbers river. Here it takes tremendous skill, knowledge and patience to be able to catch a big salmon. Lakselva will test and challenge your fisherman skills to the max. This is the “Formula One” in sport fishing! But once you hook a big one, you just want to come back for another shot at THE BIG WILD ONE!

What’s Included:

  • Accommodation at Stuenes Lodge.
  • Full board – breakfast, boxed lunches & a 3 course dinner.
  • Private bedroom – shared bathroom & sauna.
  • Fishing at some of the best beats in Lakselva.
  • One fishing guide per. team of two fishermen.
  • Transport to the different beats.
  • Airport pick up and drop-off at Lakselv Airport.

The lodge has 2.5 bathrooms. Alcohol and flights are not included.

Itinerary The fishing week consists og 6 days of guided fishing in various private, beats and 7 nights of lodging. You will be fishing different beats  in a rotational system with your fellow fishermen at the lodge. The pools will rest in between shifts. All beats accommodates 2 fishermen. The additional beat lineup for high season fishing in 2020 will be released around September 1st. 2019. Stay tuned!

Description Fishing Lakselva is situated at the very North of Norway in the region of Finnmark by Lakselva village in Porsanger. The fishing is best from from midsummer soltice until end of August. All beats are very suitable for fly fishing. Stuenes private fishing areas consists of the home pool area outside the lodge, Nilspool outside Nilsbu and the islet Soldatholmen which has 8 hot spots of fishing. To get to Soldatholmen you need to walk across the hanging bridge next to Nilsbu. Holmen or islets, as the name implies, indicate a large islet that shares Lakselva in two. The islets has a fishing bar on both the east side and the west side. At Soldatholmen West you can fish at different beats such as The Split, Top Vest, Grilles Run and Nils Corner. Soldatholmen west has a river bank of about 900 meters. At the east side of the islets you can fish The Nest, Birch Pool, Soldiers Spot and Top East. You can also wade across to the eastern islets assisted by a rope and fish Soldiers Spot East and explore the south east side. In 2020 we plan to offer 5-6 private beats of private fishing in addition to our own private fishing areas.

Stuenes Homepool: Stuenes Homepool is a holdingpool which stretches from the hanging bridge to about 150 meters past the lodge. The beat fishes well from right under the power lines (crossing the river) and downstream 50 meters past the lodge. The hotspot is right beneath the power lines and approxamatly in a 30 meter area at the rapid right outside the lodge. Double bank from the hanging bridge until the northend of the island of Soldathomen under the power lines.

Nilsbu Homepool: The beat is located right in front of Nilsbu to the right of the hanging bridge to Soldatholmen. Nilsbu Homepool is a holding pool where almost all passing salmon will stop for about 10 minutes before heading upstream on its journey. (Documented by underwater camera previous seasons). No wading while fishing this beat, wading will scare the fish.

Soldatolmen East – The Nest: This pool is a favoured spawning ground for large 20 kg salmon. Located on the north east of Soldatholmen. It returns every year to spawn in this pool due to it’s favourable parr’s growth conditions downstream towards home pool. The big salmon returns to this pool in mid-august. Prior to this date you can catch grilse and sea-trout. Needs to be fished carefully and with no or little wading noice.

Soldatholmen East – Birch Pool: Birch pool is located on the east side of the islets, south of The Nest and is a holding pool which you fish from the river bank shore. The fish will try and hit the fly at the edge of the current at the opposite side.

Soldatholmen East – Soldiers Spot: A deep holding pool located south of Birch Pool where there has been caught a 20 kg. (44 lbs.) salmon. Until end of July it holds mostly grilse and medium sized salmon. Needs to be fished carefully from the riverbank’s edge and no wading. Try a deep Red Francis in the deep main pool.

Soldatholmen East – Top East A holding and resting pool where the salmon will let go and travel downstream from Outasuanto (the large holding pool upstream) to rest. Located south of Soldier’s spot. The pool is only 1.5 meter deep and fishes best on small dark flies at an average water level and on big tubes at higher water level.

Soldatholmen – The Split The Split is located at the southernmost point of Soldatholmen islet. This is the outflow from Oudasuanto beat upstream. Carefully wade about 30 meter upstream and fish towards east down towards the edge-water tail out.  Cautiously wading is very important and don’t make too much noise since the salmon easily scares back upstream. A sunray shadow is usually a good fly choice.

Soldatholmen – Top Vest: Soldatholmen’s long pool is located on the west side of the islets. Fishes from 20 meter upstream above the bench and the campfire all the way down to the tail out. Long casts increases the chances to catch fish. This is also a nice sea trout beat.

Soldatholmen – Grilse Run A very exiting pool that needs to be fished thoroughly with small flies. Cast towards land on the opposite side and wait for the salmon’s take on shallow water. The bottom is dark, but no deeper than about 1 meter which makes it an extra fun spot to catch fish. Here the big salmon takes a short rest and usually takes the fly on shallow ground about 50 cm. There will be large rings in the water when the it surfaces and takes the fly.

The private fishing areas are subject to change due to renegotiations and renewal of beat rental agreements.